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Technical Training Services

At SUPERTECHGUY, we offer technical training services to help clients manage and maintain their systems more effectively. Our training services cover a wide range of technical topics and are designed to be informative, engaging, and easy to follow.

Our Training Services

Our technical training services include:

  • Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • Network Installation and Management
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Software and Application Usage
  • And more!

We provide both one-on-one and group training sessions to suit the unique needs of each client. Our training sessions can be held on-site or remotely, depending on the client's preference.


Our training services are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable trainer who is passionate about sharing their expertise with others. We use a combination of lecture-style presentations, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussions to make sure our clients get the most out of each training session.

Our training services are designed to be practical and results-oriented. We don't just provide theoretical knowledge; we teach clients how to apply what they've learned in real-world situations. Our goal is to help clients achieve their technical objectives and improve their overall productivity.

Contact Us

If you're interested in our technical training services, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at:

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation to discuss your training needs.

Previous Trainings

2022 - GENERAL - Cyber Security Fundamentals
2021 - SAINTCON - Palo KungFu
2020 - UETN TECH SUMMIT - The Culture of Filtering
2019 - SAINTCON - Understanding and Working with Young Hackers in Education
2019 - SAINTCON - The Culture of Filtering
2019 - SAINTCON - Own The Con
2019 - SAINTCON - Getting over impostor syndrome in INFOSEC
2018 - GENERAL - The Traps of the Internet for Latter-day Saint Parents
2018 - SAINTCON - Own The Con
2018 - SAINTCON - Secure Network Segmentation  [Video]
2018 - SAINTCON - Leverage The Dark Side  [Video]
2018 - SAINTCON - Content Filtering
2018 - SAINTCON - Password Standards  [Video]
2017 - SAINTCON - Understanding Multifactor Authentication  [Video]
2017 - SAINTCON - IT Forensics Fundamentals
2016 - SAINTCON - Security Fundamentals
2016 - SAINTCON - Getting Involved in the Law Making Process
2015 - SAINTCON - The Delusion of Internet Content Filtering  [Video]
2014 - SAINTCON - RFID Hacking  [Video]
2014 - SAINTCON - Incident Response
2013 - SAINTCON - Phishing Results
2012 - SAINTCON - On Site Incident Response
2012 - SAINTCON - Netcat
2011 - SAINTCON - Security Fundamentals