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If you're planning an event in the St. George, UT area, our DJ and MC services are perfect to make it memorable. Our experienced and talented DJ and MC will keep your guests entertained throughout the event. We provide customized and clean playlists that fit your taste and style.

Our Services

We offer a range of DJ and MC services, including:

  • Professional DJ and MC Services
  • Customized Playlists
  • Interactive Games and Activities
  • High-Quality Sound and Lighting Equipment
  • And more!

Our services are customizable, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their event is everything they imagined it to be. We can provide entertainment for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, and more.


Our DJ and MC services are provided by an experienced DJ who is passionate about creating unforgettable events.

Our services are customized to fit the unique needs of each client. We work with clients to create a playlist that fits their taste and style, and we can provide interactive games and activities to make the event even more memorable.

Pricing Information

2-3 hour dance | $500
(Includes DJ, Controller, 2 x 12" 1000W Loud Speakers, Lights, Clean Selection of Music : Mixture of Participation Songs, Fast Songs, Slow Songs & Games)


18" Subwoofer | $100


House provided speakers | $50 Discount

Contact Information

Jeremy Cox
Phone | 435-767-1049
Email | [email protected]


What can I expect from a DJ SUPERTECHGUY event?

You can expect a highly curated list of clean, upbeat and uplifting music and a TON of fun! I frequently encourage the youth to participate though participation songs, games and engaging with the youth by moving around the room.

Do you take song requests?

Depends on the group. I do have over 6 thousand songs in my library and I always try to accommodate what the group would like. I do not take requests at a youth dance, but I do take requests at adult dances.

What about Wedding Receptions?

Wedding Receptions are a lot of fun, and yes I do provide greater latitude on what I will play for a wedding reception. I generally ask for a list of songs that that happy couple would enjoy weeks before the event and plan accordingly.

How about Country?

In the immortal words of Alabama, "I was born country, and that's what I'll always be". Don't get me wrong, I have a huge selection of other genres and I love to listen to all of it, but I come from Country roots.

Who should we plan on attending the event?

You should plan on my wife (Sara) and I both attending.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation to discuss your entertainment needs.